Looking to commemorate important events?
Why not sponsor a hot kiddush on Shabbat?

We can cater any type of kiddush to meet your needs.

Currently there are 2 standard levels of kiddushim:

1) Hot Kiddush: cholent, kugel, cake, cookies, fruit and beverages – cost $850

2) Gala Kiddush: Hot Kiddush ($850) plus extras,
For example:
2 platters of deli ($170), 2 platters of chicken nuggets ($170), etc.

A kiddush can be customized to include/exclude any additional items that you require.


Are you interested in sponsoring a Kid’s Kiddush Table at the Shabbat Shul Kiddush?
The cost for sponsoring a Kids’ Kiddush Table is $100.

For more information please contact us at office@yiws.org